I greatly enjoy Imgur (though this has been a slow discovery, and indoctrination, process). It’s full of hilarious, albeit foolish, moments documented on video or photo. I laughed for four days after first seeing this (actually, I still laugh every time I see it): http://imgur.com/gallery/uRzprXO.

Just like the glass bus stop in this video is an impediment to the guy catching his bus, so too are the “crowds” in Luke’s gospel an impediment to faith. Luke uses this literary strategy, this symbolism, as a way to showcase a character’s willingness to breach the barrier (the “crowds”) to come to Jesus. Those who push their way through, who seek Jesus at all cost, are counted as faithful, and receive salvation.

While we don’t necessarily contend with physical crowds, there are many symbolic crowds in our lives that hold us back from pursuing the Lord. Whether time, money, disbelief, fear, or physical and emotional ailments, we all struggle to surmount these barriers.

In moments when the crowds seem overwhelming, when they push against and stifle us, or when they block our way, may we take our cue from bus boy. He doesn’t let a glass wall (or crashing through this glass wall) prevent him from catching his bus. In chasing Jesus, may we exhibit the same tenacity. When faced with obstacles (big or small), may we overcome them with as much resolve.

We might fall and stumble, but, like bus boy, may we get up exclaiming, “We ain’t gonna lose Jesus!”