I recently discovered that I don’t know the difference between perfection and excellence. To quote Brene Brown again, this has caused a breakdown spiritual awakening.

I was a competitive gymnast for nine years, and for me, these terms were (and still are) synonymous. Inherent in the quest for the “perfect 10” was the notion that perfection was the end goal; perfection was the entire point of the pursuit. While a 9.2 or a 9.5 was good and laudable, it was less than ideal on the excellence barometer. Thus, you were only deemed excellent when you were perfect. At least this is how it cemented in my brain.

Apparently, this isn’t the case. These terms are in fact different, and the pursuit of one is life-crushing, while the pursuit of the other can be life-giving.

In light of this recent revelation, I’ve been strongly exhorted to challenge my current schema by first, teasing these terms apart, and second, defining them so I know what I’m working with, and what I’m working towards. Truthfully, I’m at a loss and would like your feedback to help jump start my cognitive reorientation.