My little sister (through Big Brothers Big Sisters) and I went to a Hawaiian-themed bowling fundraiser yesterday.

We scored a 113. Combined. And with the dragon helper.

This girl can’t bowl (though, neither can I), but she can dream.

Considering I'm on my own dream quest, I thought she might have some good advice for me, so, while driving home, I asked her, “What are your dreams?”

Her response: “Like, what do you mean?”

Me: “Like, what do you want to be or do right now? Or what do you want to be or do when you grow up?”

She latched onto the “grow up” part.

Her dreams are as follows:

  1. Live on the beach, in a house with nothing but sand around it, so when she steps outside, sand squishes through her toes.
  2. Be a nurse.
  3. Be a teacher.
  4. Travel the world—namely Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and the mountains.
  5. Own 3 hospitals in different parts of the world. These hospitals help everyone and she’ll pay her employees $90/per hour. She's also going to have people build the hospitals for her, because she doesn't want to do it herself.
  6. Wake up whenever she wants.
  7. Own a cottage and cabin in every state in the country.

When I asked her if I could come visit her in all of her cabins, she said, "Yes, but I'm going to build one just for you. You'll have your own cabin. You can still visit me though."

Excellent. I'm holding her to this last one.

I hope, and pray, that I can dream as fearlessly and audaciously as Nevaeh.


*Dragon picture taken from