This morning in prayer, I had a vision in which I was sitting in front of a blank canvas.

The canvas was propped on an easel, and I was seated, in a dejected position, on a stool in front of it.

My shoulders were slumped and my eyes were downcast.

There were no brushes or paints. There were no tools with which I could begin creating.

This realization, paired with the vast empty canvas, intensified my crestfallenness.

This is when God spoke.

There are no brushes or paints, there are no objects for you to use, because I’m going to paint this next phase of your life. It’s going to be more vivid and exhilarating than you could ever have imagined. It’s going to be more vibrant and robust than you could’ve dreamed. You dream in black and white; your vision is limited. I dream in color; my vision is infinite. Sit, watch, and witness the great thing I’m about to do.

May this be an encouragement to all of us who are going through a time of uncertainty and confusion, in which we have no discernable picture of what tomorrow looks like.

Rather than lament, may we eagerly gaze upon the blank canvas of our lives, awaiting God’s divine brushstrokes.