Last week after class, one of my female students asked, “Have you ever preached before?”

I responded, “Heavens no! I’m definitely not a preacher.”

She responded, “Oh, you’re just so passionate, I thought you’d be great at it. Plus, you do a good job keeping us awake.”

(Note to self: minimize self-deprecating statements in front of students)

This isn’t the first time someone has brought this to my attention. Several friends, prior seminarians, and current coworkers have asked me the same question (my response to them has been similar).

Historically, anytime I’m completely averse or appalled by someone’s suggestion (which typically involves a talent or gifting I may have and that God may want to use), this typically means that God is trying to get my attention; that he actually wants me to consider the idea.

So Lord, I’m open to your suggestion.