The last phase of labor is known as transition.

This stage is the most intense, grueling, and animalistic. It’s arduous, fierce, and requires every ounce of physical and emotional strength the soon-to-be mother possesses.

Mothers will be the first to tell you that transition is brutal. There’s nothing quite like it; however, I think anyone experiencing transition in life would say the same.

Several of my friends and I are currently in the midst of major life transitions. These seismic shifts have been painful and messy. They’ve been bumpy, and spiritually and emotionally taxing.

Change always is.

Whether in life or in labor, it’s crucial to remember transition is temporary. It’s just a brief period.

However, the challenges of this phase often blind us to what lies beyond. It’s hard to see the fruits that will be borne. It’s difficult to visualize the hard-won results which are yet to come.

And unfortunately, like with transition in labor, there are no epidurals in life’s transitions.

There’s no numbing. There’s no escape.

Yes, there are people in the delivery room, and waiting room, cheering you on, praying for you, and uniting in your struggle. This mitigates the pain (slightly). Yet, ultimately, you have to endure; you have to birth the baby.

It’s the same in life. There are people rooting you on, those willing to carry your burdens, and those ready to lend their support. This lessens the intensity (slightly). However, ultimately, you must endure; the transition is yours alone.

So, scream, bear down, and lean into the pain.

A tremendous reward awaits on the other side.

*This post was inspired by Becky Stott and Jen Guidry. Thank you for doing my thinking for me.